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SuperValu online sales up 22%. Good design is good business.

By Laurence Veale | 0 Comments

Reporting from their annual conference, SuperValu have announced 2016 sales of €2.67 billion, marking a 2.4% increase over the previous year.  An important part of that story is online sales jumping by 22% with smartphone shops up a massive 180%. On the morning commute, it’s always nice to hear how recent effort leads to impact. We worked with […]

The risk of prototyping

By Brian Gough | 0 Comments

It’s August 1896. Standing on a hill to the north west of Berlin is Otto Lilienthal, engineer and pioneering aviator. Throwing himself forward, Lilienthal lets his feet leave the ground. The wings of his glider lift and he is airborne. Now 50 feet above ground the famous ‘glider man’ can see a crowd of people […]

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