Helping Vodafone transform into an omnichannel leader.

Increase in sales volumes
Sales traffic from mobile
Increase in transactional NPS

Designing for the IoT / Connected worker

Lately, we’ve been helping more and more of our clients design smart products in the industrial and commercial space. The terms ‘Connected Devices’ and ‘Internet of Things (IoT)‘ may sound like industry buzzwords at the moment, but with solid ideas and strong design guidance from the outset the opportunities are real.

We brought the customer’s voice into Ireland’s largest mobile telco, and simplified the sales process for staff and customers alike.


The challenge for Vodafone Ireland wasn’t one of brand recognition, nor network quality, nor even of resources. The challenge for Vodafone was to remove the legacy systems, and processes, that stood in the way of them and their customers.


Working side by side with Vodafone as a unified team, we transformed how they used digital to bring products to market, and to enhance customer service.


Talk is cheap, but delivering a cutting edge mobile communications network isn’t. Vodafone, Ireland’s largest and oldest mobile operator, was facing a crunch. As new competitors entered the market, they targeted more profitable customers. It was getting easier and easier for customers to switch, and harder and harder to attract new customers.

They really understood the customer in their design. The creativity of the solution was beautiful in its simplicity.

Stefan Gastaut
Consumer Director, Vodafone Ireland


We partnered with Vodafone to identify and remove service and technological challenges that stood between the company and its customers. These were ambitious customer-focused transformation projects, which examined every aspect of the customer/company relationship.

Our team worked side by side with Vodafone, across the company’s many stores, call centres, and technical departments in order to implement the change they needed. The team also worked with Vodafone’s customers to ensure their needs were considered and met.

The program comprised a series of initiatives to enhance performance across three distinct pillars: Sales, Self Service and Support.


Supporting self-directed research, product assessment, and checkout

Self Service

Enabling customers to have a straightforward access to their personal details, and account statements. Diverting calls from call centre.


We enhanced the quality of customer support by means of an enhanced Knowledge Base (with customer facing and call centre interfaces), more usable Live chat, and advanced Email routing capabilities.

An omnichannel solution for MyWay proposition

Digital initiatives spanned online and offline touch-points.

In 2012, we helped Vodafone design the MyWay proposition, an entirely new way to purchase mobile phone contracts that puts control in customers’ hands.

To support the launch, we designed an innovative multi-device app on which customers and staff could create their own customised packages.

The My Way application started life as a design concept in one of our ideation workshops, while mapping out the buy-online, collect in-store customer journey.

After the prototype provided a hit in user testing, we developed as a sales tools for Vodafone’s retail staff.

The solution worked. So much so, that Vodafone rolled out versions on the website, as a tablet and mobile app, through touch-screen kiosks and even the company call centre.

The app was deployed to 200 tablets in 37 stores throughout Ireland, to Vodafone’s call centre and to accredited agents countrywide.

It helped Vodafone increase conversions and sales, and was so intuitive that in-store customers would create their own plans unaided.


The program has created measurable and lasting value for Vodafone — both in business performance, and ways of working.

Sales platform improvement and conversion optimisation initiatives resulted in a three fold increase in sales volumes, while conversion grew from ~1% to ~3%.

Digital service enhancement initiatives resulted in a +30 change in NPS scores

The solution simplified the sales process for staff and customers alike.

Joy Murphy
Global Propositions Manager

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