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Lately, we’ve been helping more and more of our clients design smart products in the industrial and commercial space. The terms ‘Connected Devices’ and ‘Internet of Things (IoT)‘ may sound like industry buzzwords at the moment, but with solid ideas and strong design guidance from the outset the opportunities are real.

We’ve been involved in a far-reaching sales and service transformation programme for Zurich Insurance.

Program scope and rationale

The program comprises the design and implementation of improved Digital Self Service, in addition to a Service Optimisation plan for live Help Point agents.

The program was in response to a marked dip in customer satisfaction with the service and consequent loss of revenue.

To date, the program has delivered signi cant business bene ts, including 40% increase in revenue and 300% increase in registrations.

Centre of Excellence

We defined job role specifications and hired the internal UX team. We worked side by side with the team to transfer skills through a combination of training, coaching and practical application

Work ows outlined how UX activities would fit into Citi’s PLF (Product Launch Framework), a global framework that defines Citi processes for everything from financial products to software.

We created a variety of tools to help sta  think more strategically about design effort.

Becoming agile
We worked with Citi to introduce Lean UX principles into their processes, accelerating reaction.

Map to UX maturity
Our UX Practice Maturity Model provides a 5-year roadmap for the Citi team to assess progress with an agreed end-goal in mind.

Online resources
The mobile-responsive pattern library includes interactive examples of every design pattern, along with typography guidelines and colour palettes.

We are delighted by how quickly our teams have embraced this approach... and our customers are already seeing the bene ts in terms of faster time to market and more usable products.

Naveed Sultan
Global Head of Treasury and Sales Solutions, Citibank

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