13th June 2014

The Internet of Toilets, & Google's mysterious 'Quantum Paper'

This week at Each & Other we've been a bit paranoid. Maybe it's Big Brother's (the UK Government's) new user testing lab; or perhaps it's Google's mysteriously named 'Project Quantum Paper'; but, honestly, it's mostly down to the toilets in Heathrow Airport that watch you.

  • #Mobile
  • Google is tightening the leash on Android
  • Are we seeing the start of Android Silver, and the death of Nexus? And will this make Caoimh's job easier?
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  • #eCommerce
  • Why would Facebook poach PayPal's President?
  • Rumours abound that Facebook is about to go all in, in the mobile payments game
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  • #Data
  • Big data needs big ideas
  • A terrifying, and fascinating, talk by Maciej Cegłowski on the state of big data, and how we've abused it.
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  • #User Journeys
  • Big Brother built a user research lab
  • The British Government's new user lab wants to make user research more accessible
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  • #Experience Design
  • There's a thing called Quantum Paper, it sounds amazing and impossible
  • Google's plan to unite iOS, Android & web apps with one amazingly named concept, Quantum Paper (who names these things?).
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  • #Beautiful Web
  • Apple design myths
  • Apparently we're reading way too much into Apple's littlest design changes.
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  • #Internet of Things
  • Developers are taking the piss with IoT
  • Toilets in Heathrow Airport's new terminal will "anonymously count the number of people who use them." Hope you're not pee shy.
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  • #Digital Transformation
  • Nintendo opens the gates to its walled garden
  • Even 'traditional' digital industries are responding to users' changing expectations.
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Editing: Brian Herron | Illustration: Patrick Cusack