20th June 2014

June 20 Weekly Roundup – is the games industry sexist, & what the hell is Big Data?

This week, Amazon revealed old technology that it hopes will create new consumer habits. We discovered that Big Data really is young data (so we still haven't figured out how to use it properly); we've realised that the 30 year old games' industry is still quite immature; and we've seen what the EU and South Korea are planning for our future cities.

  • #Mobile
  • Amazon's innovative (in how it tries to part you & your cash) new smartphone
  • Amazon Fire takes impulse buying to the extreme.
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  • #eCommerce
  • Content is king, it just has to be in the right place
  • Brand sites, and media advertising are some of the least effective ways to reach and convert potential customers, research by Google and Ogilvy reports.
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  • #Data
  • The data might be big, but it's also young
  • And someone needs to do for it what Google did for search in the late 90s.
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  • #User Journeys
  • Lecture, June 27: Innovation's role in Ireland's future
  • Dr. Burton Lee, the Managing Partner of Innovarium Ventures, is giving a talk in the Science Gallery on the 27th about product design and education.
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  • #Experience Design
  • Sexist, racist, and homophobic? Are video games a male experience designed for straight, white male users?
  • Or, is the industry becoming more diverse?
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  • #Beautiful Web
  • Visualising the World Cup
  • Just for Robert, here's how the Portugal Vs. Germany game played out on Twitter (it's worth zooming in on Europe).
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  • #Digital Transformation
  • Taking the piss out of glassholes
  • The Daily Show demonstrates that if Google Glass fails, it'll fail because Google ignored the social construction of technology.
  • #Changing Expectations (Bonus)
  • Louis CK on why everything is AMAZING right now, yet we're still unhappy
  • How quickly amazing things become mundane

Editing: Brian Herron | Illustration: Orla Finn