11th July 2014

Robot journalists & Venice's '500 year old Facebook' – July 11th round-up

This has been a week of progress. We've learned that advances in mobile technology mean that a growing number of people around the world are skipping 'traditional' banks in favour of mobile money accounts.

Human created digital stories are replacing traditional advertising; revenues from which have fallen 1.2% in the past year alone, and are likely to fall further. While robot-created digital stories are replacing the work of humans.

But our progress doesn't leave everything to the past. Advances in big data are helping us uncover stories hidden in centuries' old archives.

Out with the old and in with the new.

  • #Mobile
  • South America and Africa lead the way in mobile money
  • Across Africa alone there are nine countries where mobile money accounts outnumber traditional bank accounts
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  • #eCommerce
  • $17.7 billion, that’s how much mobile ads will be worth this year
  • Just don’t ask about desktop or traditional media advertising…
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  • #Data
  • This is what Facebook looked like 500 years ago
  • Italian researchers are digitising “one of the oldest and most complete historical archives in the world”. Then they’re going to mine it for data in ways that were previously impossible
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  • #User Journeys
  • One OS, multiple experiences
  • With Android Wear and Android Auto, has Google fractured the Android ecosystem even more? Does this even matter? (via Geoffrey)
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  • #Experience Design
  • Moving from user experience to service design
  • User experience and service design operate on the same spectrum, it just depends on how far you go
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  • #Beautiful Web
  • Beautiful, experimental, and commercial
  • 1stAveMachine are killing the commercial with beautiful, engaging stories (via Owen)
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  • #Internet of Things
  • Robot journalists will write our financial future
  • The Associated Press is using algorithms to write some financial reports – just seconds after the data becomes available
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  • #Digital Transformation
  • One of Google’s top designers has left to work for a bank
  • Capital one is “trying to heal” our relationship with our money though design
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Illustration: Patrick Cusack