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DART of PHYSICS – nanomaterials, the spire, matter and the moon

Dart of Physics gets an update - this time we're looking at the humble atom.

Here comes round two!

DART of PHYSICS is now into its third week and it’s time for a refresh – we’ve just added another four special pages to the site to educate, entertain and astound!

With the help of the crew from Trinity College Dublin, we’re going right down to the atomic level, looking at what matter is made of (mostly empty space, it turns out) and learning about the thinest material known to humankind, graphene.

But we’re not just talking about things on the nanoscale – we’re also looking at things you might see every day, or night in the case of the moon. It turns out that our celestial dance partner is actually moving away from us, which leads us to ask: will it some day leave us completely?

And hey – did you know that the Spire is about 5cm shorter when it’s cold outside? (It’s also officially called The Monument of Light, which isn’t a science fact but is interesting nevertheless).

We’re really proud of the team for their work on this, and it’s great to see the site filling out with fantastic looking content.

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