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SuperValu online sales up 51%. Good design is good business.

Reporting from their annual conference, SuperValu have announced 2016 sales of €2.67 billion, marking a 2.4% increase over the previous year. An important part of that story is online sales jumping by 51%, 84% increase in new customer registrations with smartphone shops up a massive 620%.

On the morning commute, it’s always nice to hear how recent effort leads to impact.

We worked with SuperValu on their online shopping proposition throughout 2016, following key customer insights with customer-centred design and delivery.

Some of the key principles underpinning our approach were:

  • Design for the senses. Highlight the quality and freshness of by showing it in the best light.
  • Design for serendipity. The customer might not know exactly what they want until they see it so we needed to improve product discovery through "aisle browsing".
  • Kill clutter. Where competitors’ sites are an assault on the senses, ours will provide a clean and uncluttered clarity; making an online grocery shopping less of a chore.
  • Design for the mobile shopper. Mobile visits were growing considerably but, until the launch, shoppers didn’t have a site optimised for smaller screens.

This marks the first step in a bold, new direction for SuperValu, with the customer at the centre of everything they do digitally. The service will evolve over the coming months and years to make sure that excellent experiences are consistently delivered across any channel the customer chooses Laurence Veale, Principal, Each&Other

To understand more about what we did with SuperValu.

Combining imagination with rigour, insight, hard work and good challenges, Each&Other has been instrumental in the success of our program to date, and we look forward to the next phase Caroline Walsh, Head of Omnichannel, Musgrave

An online service is never finished. We look forward to helping SuperValu and their parent Musgraves to go further, faster in the coming years.

Congratulations and kudos to our partners in Musgraves, Bricolage, Sonar Digital and My Web Grocer - the combined team we worked with on the project.

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