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When memes and politics collide, and why there's no such thing as a 5 minute job - Weekly Round Up

Are memes a form of digital satire, or just faddish, flash-in-the-pan trends with little substance. Surprisingly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg may hold the answer.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg; you wouldn’t normally associate the 81 year old US Supreme Court Justice with the faddish worlds of Tumblr and Twitter, but thanks to dozens of memes and viral videos created by influential digital artists, the elderly Justice has acquired a level of popularity and cultural influence that eclipses most in her position. So, here’s the question, do these memes and viral content represent 21st century Punch cartoons, or are they nothing more than digital demagoguery on the part of Twitterati with political agendas? And, either way, how influential will they be in 2016?

Also in this week’s round up; Geoffrey explores the myth of the five minute job. He looks at the lure of a ‘quick task’ and why they often disguise bigger issues. We find out what happens when you take a 2000-year old Celtic myth and treat it to some big data analysis, and we see what lessons Visa has learned about frictionless e-payments.


BlackBerry squashed

Apple's partnership with IBM may mean the death of BlackBerry

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Visa's learnt its UX lesson, takes another shot at mobile payments

Visa's latest mobile payments app is all about frictionless (unlike the last one) payments

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Sonraí mór, agus stair na hÉireann

Irish researchers are using big data analysis to map relationships between the historical/mythical characters in the Celtic epic, An Táin Bó Cúailnge, and Norse myth

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#User Journeys

Interaction '15

Who wants to go to Interaction '15? Thought so - here's the skinny

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#Experience Design

Do you have a minute?

The myth of the five minute job, and why we need to set clients' expectations, even on the small things (by Geoffrey, on Medium)

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#Beautiful Web

"A post-rationalization of current design trends"

Top designers give their opinions of Google's Material Design

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#Internet of Things

Samsung may buy home IoT start up SmartThings

SmartThings won the 2012 Web Summit Spark of Genius Award & Samsung may be eyeing them up.

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#Digital Transformation

Notorious RBG

Can memes influence millennials' political discourse? Ask US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Read More »

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