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DART of PHYSICS goes live!

Bringing science to the masses - Dart of Physics helps Dublin's commuters learn more about physics as they travel to work.

It’s one of those red letter days for us. A project that we’ve been working on for months is finally going out the door – or at least phase one is.

Introducing DART of PHYSICS. The idea is pretty simple: taking its lead from London's Poetry on the Underground, it’s Physics on the DART (Dublin's rail service, if you're not a local).

The project started off as a prize-winning educational concept from Prof Shane Bergin of Trinity College Dublin's School of Physics, and that concept has just come to life.

For the next eight weeks, posters will be popping up at train stations along the Dublin commuter line and inside carriages of the DART. The posters prompt passengers to look at the world around them through a scientific lens and get an understanding of how the universe works, from the behaviour of atoms to the formation of stars.

The first four posters were just released on Monday – maybe you've seen them already?

Each & Other was brought on board to make a promotional website to showcase the project. But after sitting in a room doing workshops for a day with the amazingly enthusiastic DART of PHYSICS team, we started to get excited about physics and all the cool things we could to do with the site.

It's been a labour of love for us, and there's lots more to come.

Over the next eight weeks we’ll be rolling out twelve interactive stories. They've been created in collaboration with DART of PHYSICS team, using the posters as a starting point.

These stories will give you a short, sharp zap of science that will reveal the wonder – and sometimes astoundingly simple logic – behind some complex physics theories. And hopefully, they'll do that in a way that's really fun and easy to understand.

This week, our first four darts have gone live – learn about gravity, the cosmic formation of atoms, heat transfer and relativity at

Screen grabs of some the pages from the site. The candy colours are on trend.

Well done to to @owenderby, @Orlafinn and @Pip_Designs (Aoife Ní Raifeartaigh) for the gorgeous graphics, and @sheenabouchier for the stellar UX design. A big shout out to Nathan Beck who's been grinding out all the code and @SmritiMunshi who's been weeding out the bugs. And Finally to Margaret Swan and @DuncanRandall2 for keeping the project on track.

Make sure to follow @dartofphysics on Twitter too.


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