Vision And Drive - what product teams can learn from concept cars

Product teams need vision and drive: we can learn a lot from using a 'concept car' approach in our products. The concept car becomes the physical embodiment of a set of values. It’s a way of getting people excited about the new design direction. Crucially, it’s a chance to gauge the public’s response to the design; features of the concept car that are well received can be progressed, and those that aren’t can be quietly dismissed.

Understanding your Customers with a Single Customer View

One of the worst things a customer can experience is that a company they have a service with really doesn't have a clue about them". In this podcast, Each&Other's Peter Keane, Brian Herron and Tom Cunningham discuss Customer Experience, The Single Customer View and building and maintaining trust with your customers.

Discovering what matters most with User Interviews

Many voice of the customer programmes centre around surveys and metrics without truly understanding the people and the problems they have. When done well, interviewing users will help unlock what matters most to your customers, and why. And with that you can expand the possibilities of what you can create to satisfy their needs.

Smart Companies Invest In Design Systems

Design Systems need to be thought of as products who’s success is determined by the right inputs, good management and that missing ingredient — ownership. Each&Other's Brian Gough and Tom Cunningham discuss the considerations for any team thinking of investing in their own Design System.

Design Principles: from Industrial Product To UX Design

The digital and physical worlds are converging in our daily lives. Each&Other's Billy Harney, Laurence Veale and Tom Cunningham discuss the approach to designing for digital and physical products.

Building Enterprise Products And Scaling Fast With Fenergo’s UX Team Manager Philip Murray

Fenergo are one of the fastest rising success stories in the Fintech / Regtech world. There are plenty of challenges with building enterprise software and scaling fast. Each&Other's Tom Cunningham chats to Fenergo’s UX Team Manager Philip Murray about the challenges and opportunities.

Design Tools To Collaborate And Communicate

The tools we use for designing, prototyping and testing with users are core to successful teams. But which one's do we choose? Each&Other's Tom Cunningham, Patrick Cusack, Brian Gough discuss the sea of options and the benefits of a unified toolkit within your team.

Purpose and personality: chatbots and conversational commerce

Chatbot's and conversational commerce are hot topics right now. Each&Other's Laura Nolan, Brian Herron and Tom Cunningham discuss some considerations you should keep in mind before you start designing your chatbot.

Building Teams And Products With Donal O' Mahony, Head Of UX & Design At Fleetmatics

Continuing on with our series on Bringing UX into Organizations, Each&Other’s Brian Herron talks to Donal O' Mahony of Fleetmatics about building design teams and shipping products that users love. Hope you enjoy.

The Challenges of Bringing UX into Organisations

If your own business hasn't already started to hire in-house design teams, then it's likely you'll be planning to do so soon. Each&Other's John Wood and Tom Cunningham discuss the pitfalls of building products, building teams and tips to avoid building 'User Debt' for your products or service.

Taking Control Of Your Brand Experience

Your Brand and Customer Experience are intertwined. Each touch point customers have with a product or service needs to be carefully designed to ensure the overall experience is as good as it can be. Each&Other's Brian Gough and Tom Cunningham discuss the brands that are doing it well and not-so well with some insights into how to improve.

How To Get Faster, Better Insights From User Testing

Many teams are working with Lean or Agile where design can often be squeezed. This approach gets better insights faster and gets everyone bought into the problems that need solving.

Prototype To Focus, Clarify And Mitigate Risk For Your Product

Test your hypothesis early. Fail faster and learn early with less cost to your business. Each&Other's Brian Herron, Tom Cunningham and Brian Gough discuss the importance of prototyping.

The Pit of Despair

The recurring trend with customer experience we've called 'The Pit of Despair' when your customer's experience drops dramatically. Each&Other's Brian Herron and Tom Cunningham discuss.

eCommerce - Put People At The Centre Of Your Data

The future of eCommerce will be created by companies that put people at the centre of their data. Each&Other's Laurence Veale, Piers Scott and Tom Cunningham discuss the need to think about the Qualitative data as much as the Quantitive.

The Future of Banking

The banking industry is on the cusp of major disruption. Each&Other's Laurence Veale and Tom Cunningham discuss the future of banking.

Your Brand Guidelines Need Work

Patrick & Tom discuss the importance of effective brand guidelines and how most companies

The Pitfalls of Digital Transformation

This week Ger speaks to Tom about Digital Transformation programs. What can go wrong and how the industry often focusses on quantitive data without the rich insights qualitative research can bring.

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