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Each&Other ChalkTalks are a forum to share ideas, innovations and experiences. Each month we bring in a guest speaker and explore topics around design, technology, business and innovations.

We’ve welcomed product designers, design engineers, entrepreneurs, product managers, technology leads, graphic designers and many more to give us exciting insights into their fields and started lively discussions with our audiences all over the world through Q&A’s!

Whether you’re a designer or not, ChalkTalks always offer something new to learn and think about. You can register for the free talks through Eventbrite.

Here’s a short recap on our 2021 talks:

Interaction Magic – February 2021

George Cave, design engineer and technologist, invents and designs at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. George challenged how we think about playful design:
  • Consider how things make people feel; physically and emotionally
  • Prototype to scale; you can't engage properly with a model
  • Don't look for perfection; experiment, tweak, tinker
  • Have fun... you can be serious and silly!

Kim Mackenzie-Doyle FIDI – March 2021

Kim, product designer, entrepreneur and former President of the IDI, is the driving force behind The Big Idea! – a programme that encourages transitions year students to learn about the power and impact of design. Kim shared her career story and lots of advice for aspiring designers. “I truly believe that with a little business acumen designers could take over the world”! Well said Kim!

TEKenable Ltd – April 2021

We got kind of techy for this one – Peter Rose, Owner and Director at Tekenable, in conversation with Each&Other’s own Brian Herron, explored the possibilities for design in a low-code environment. We asked: does low-code mean low-design? The answer? Nope it doesn't have to... There's no doubt, low-code/no-code is the future, in fact it has already arrived – watch out!

Drop – May 2021

In May we were delighted to host Head of Design and Co-Founder of Drop, Jonny McCauley. We got great insight into Drop's design process and how they make decisions on what to build in order to create a better, smarter cooking experience. We all left the talk hungry for more!

Rachael Garrett – June 2021

June’s ChalkTalk made room for something different, as we invited Rachael of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, to speak about her research around Soma Design. A totally new concept for the majority on the call – Soma Design investigates new ways of working with the body in interaction design, especially around designing for better living and experience. This was a really engaging and fascinating subject.

Fabian Strunden – July 2021

Fabian is Senior Product Manager at Mira Labs – a company that specialise in Augmented Reality for global workforces. Fabian provided insight into the challenges and opportunities around AR, especially those faced by designers working on solutions in this relatively young technology.

Dan Perri - October 2021

A title sequence design legend for major films and TV talks about his career from a graphic designer to Hollywood’s go-to title designer, his influences, iconic work and transition from the traditional methods of design to the digital age. Dan has designed titles for over 400 films and series, including the opening crawl of Star Wars, titles for Nashville, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, and The Exorcist!

Do you have a topic in mind you would love us to hear about? Are you the next ChalkTalk guest speaker? Get in touch with us!

Salla Paananen


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